Friday, January 10, 2014

From rectangles to rows...

One of my New Years resolutions was to start AND finish a quilt for myself.  While I've seen, smocked, hand-stitched for years,  I'm not a quilter...actually, I've only made a rag quilt (tutorial on the blog) as a gift for a sweet mom's baby shower...and didn't really use traditional quilting techniques for that one.  I want to call myself a quilter, and this is the year. 
Naturally, in seeking inspiration, I went to Pinterest.  Yes, I DO what I pin...sometimes.  There are so many beautiful quilts out there in the iWorld, and great tutorials, too!  Oh, where to begin?!?
I didn't really want to spend $ on fabric, since it would be a trial run of sorts.    Besides, we all know that I have a few <hundred> fabric options to choose from.  *Hoarders, here I come!*. I settled on a pattern called "step in time" with an easy-to-follow *free* tutorial...and selected a line of fabrics from my stash called "The Simple Life" by Tasha Noel.  I love the red/turquoise combination for a summer quilt...and has chickens on it ;). 

My progress thus far...fabric pieces > 320 rectangles > 160 squares > 13 rows of 12 squares...still working on rows, but here's a couple of photos to show the progress...

All mapped to the sewing machine (and the iron, then back again)

What's on your sewing table this week?

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